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Time To Give Back... Part Two

So, picking up where we left off last time – we wanted to name the shelter we are supporting with our sale now that we finally have all the details ironed out. We are proud to announce that 50% of all funds raised will be donated directly to the Ark in Cleveland, Tennessee! We chose this shelter for a number of reasons. It is a local non-profit and no-kill shelter which is run completely by dedicated volunteers.

Although not as large as some other shelters, the Ark and its staff have worked tirelessly throughout the years to re-home countless pets. Now, they need your help to continue operating and providing long term care for the area’s animals, regardless of their adoption status. Of all the shelters we looked at supporting (and there were many, many great ones that deserve just as much help), the absolute selfless dedication to their mission just made this feel like the right one.

As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has put an enormous strain on many programs and services that we often take for granted. This is especially true for the nation’s animal shelters as many have had to scale back in person visits and limit adoption days. For no-kill shelters like the Ark, there is an added burden to continuously house, feed and care for a growing number of orphaned pets. We really hope you will join with us so that we can make a meaningful contribution to this awesome, awesome organization.

Our plan as of right now is to run the sale anywhere from one to three months sometime in the next few weeks. We originally wanted to start advertising and getting the word out at the beginning of the Summer, but logistical issues as well as the pandemic prevented that from happening. The most important thing for us is to help as many animals as possible and to be able to provide a donation that actually impacts the day to day operations at the shelter so we are doing everything in our power to get this right. We obviously realize the difficulty in asking people to donate while the country experiences record unemployment and with another shutdown possibly looming, but these organizations cannot just hit the pause button until things improve. We are hopeful that there is still enough love out there for our furry friends to make this fundraiser a huge success.

Finally, we love to show off our two dogs (Jazz and Zeke from our previous blog post) and it occurred to us that a lot of other people do to. That is why we’ve decided that if you purchase one of our shelter support bracelets during the sale, you can also have your dog or cat’s picture (or any animal really) posted on the site on a special “Thank You” page we are creating. If you would like to see your animal companion’s picture and name listed as a sponsor of the Ark animal shelter, please email us at and attach a picture of your pet. Please also include the name you used on the order. As always, thank you for your business and thank you double for your support of this great cause. 

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