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We Are Starting A Blog!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Hello and welcome to our new blog! Here at Escondido Bracelets, we are always trying to find new ways to communicate with our customers. We feel it's the most important and rewarding part of our business, however, you may be wondering how much could a jewelry website really have to say? Well, the answer is quite a bit actually!

We decided to create this blog as a way for us to explain all of the things that don't really fit in the little blurbs or dialogue boxes throughout the website. For example, we would have loved to have spent more time explaining the origins of the opal in our Infinity bracelet or even what exactly opal is. The average customer may not be interested to know all of those little details, but for those that are we just thought it would be nice to provide that info.


An example of one of our opal Infinity bracelets.


Some of the other ideas we want to explore in future posts are things like our charity work or even new product announcements. For the animal lovers among you, please keep checking back to find out more regarding a charity sale we are trying to organize with our local Humane Educational Society. We plan to donate at least 50% of gross sales (compared to the 5% other sites often donate) to their organization.

Other ideas include things like bracelet making tutorials, updates on our sponsored surfing athletes, commentary on industry business practices, and news about events in Puerto Escondido. It's kind of wide open right now, but the most important thing to realize is that we are doing this for you, our customer.

As important as it is to talk about what the blog will be about, it's perhaps equally important to talk about what we wont be including. You won't find any discussion about politics or our personal beliefs included. Also, and maybe more importantly, the blog wont become just a thinly veiled advertisement for our products. While we do plan to include some information about our materials and our manufacturing processes, the purpose of those posts will be to educate, not to sell. We figure the website already does a good enough job talking about our products and we don't want to waste people's valuable time reading what basically amounts to a bunch of marketing material.

So that's it for this first blog post! We hope you'll keep checking back to take a look to see what we've posted. As of right now, we don't have a definitive schedule for when each post will be released. We do plan to try and make them as consistent as possible (maybe one per week) so long as we have time. We hope you enjoy learning about our business as much as we enjoy talking about it!

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